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Phil Woods Phil Woods

A personal note about Phil Woods.
The first time I heard Phil Woods was in 1967. I was stationed in Korea with the 7th Division Army Band and played Alto Saxophone. My best friend  "Danny D'Imperio” was listening to an album called “MODE” which consisted of compositions and arrangements by Quincy Jones.  At that time it was issued on ABC Records as a two record set (LPs) ABCX- 782/2. Excerpts of this album have now been re-released on a premastered CD called Quincy Jones and his Orchestra, “The Quintessence”.

When I first heard Phil play it was an epiphany for me. That one tune “Quintessence”  opened up my mind  to new and exciting techniques of execution and at the same time showed me how important the tonal quality of an Alto Saxophone can be.  Phil's command of the instrument leaves me in awe.  I learned quit a bit about the sax after that and I have been a big fan of Phil Woods ever since that day I first heard him play. His creativity holds no bounds. Whither it be from performance or composing.

When I returned to the states, I was lucky enough to be able to study with him for awhile. He was not only a virtuoso but a true gentleman when it came to dealing with people one on one. What he taught me about jazz has proven to be invaluable in my life. There are only two musician that have affected my life and my understanding of jazz,
Phil Woods and Danny D'Imperio.

The following is the best I can do to describe the love and admiration I have for Maestro - Phil Woods.

"An Artist must create a personal cosmos, a verdant world in continuity with tradition, further fulfilling man's awareness, his degree of consciousness, and bringing new subtilization, vision, and beauty to the elements of experience. It is in this way that Idea, powered by conviction and necessity, will create its own style and the singular, momentous structure capable of realizing its intent."

Leon Kirchner

(American composer, born 1919)

Phil Woods meets this definition.

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