Tag: realism

  • Dealing with China’s power projection

    A rising China will not tolerate a rising India as its peer competitor. Even if a rising India does not have an intention of becoming a regional hegemon, China will try its best to contain India as it has already done to a large extent. And it is this containment that India must guard against.

  • Options in Sri Lanka

    If India were to take a hard-nosed view of long-term interests, a subtle shift in its position against the LTTE will go a long way in safeguarding the country’s strategic interest in the Indian Ocean region besides securing the interests of ethnic Tamils in the island.

  • Tagore in China

    In less than seven weeks, Tagore had lectured in the country’s main cities. He had talked with students and scholars, actors and artists, generals and politicians, poets, religious leaders, and an ex-emperor. But he was subjected to vitriolic attacks by the Communists.

  • A disarming argument

    Between a new form of international deterrence and universal disarmament, the latter is of course preferable. Unfortunately, it is also less likely to come about. India should nevertheless play an active role in international efforts to reduce the danger from nuclear weapons.

  • What Kautilya would say

    a poor nation with a smaller tax base could not finance the building of the requisite military capability. It certainly could not match the power of a rich nation and consequently would become an irresistible target for attack by stronger nations. He argued that power breeds more power but the challenge was: how to initiate the process with limited resources. His genius lay in offering insights for meeting the challenge—that is of maintaining independence and becoming prosperous.