Tag: Ravikiran Rao

  • The case for freedom

    The road to prosperity lies through economic freedom—free trade, free markets, rule of law, low and non-distortionary taxes, enforcement of contracts, light but consistent regulations, sanctity of property rights. You may have heard this song before. We shall sing it till it is really heard. And then again.

  • Confessions of a retailer

    Quite clearly, Mr Biyani understands India—or at least "India Two", the one that he grew up with. He also has the business acumen to take advantage of the opportunity that the rise of this class has presented. The challenge is to institutionalise this knowledge so that it is not confined to his head, but spread within the company. The challenge is also to put in place the management structure and strategic vision that will enable him to run the conglomerate that he is creating. How is he doing on those counts?

  • The new citizens

    The answer lies in the increasing urbanisation of the voter. The urban voter is more likely to make up his mind by watching television. It is less likely that the choice is mediated by caste leaders. It is more likely that this citizen cares one way or the other about national level issues, such as industrial policy and national security. This citizen is more likely to directly engage with a leader from another state. It is of course a tautology that urban voters are more likely to care about urban issues.