Month: March 2008

  • Strategic depth vs strategic breadth

    Amidst the endless talk of “stabilising” Afghanistan and Pakistan—which the Bush administration conceives solely in terms of military force and aid, respectively—sight is lost of the fact that what both countries need is transformation. And there is no greater transformation needed in South-Central Asia than turning Pakistan into a state that will no longer be a threat to the stability and security of its neighbours and the world.

  • Space on the table

    It is in India’s interests to become an active party to the outer space disarmament agenda and to propose its own draft of PAROS. It is important for India to influence the future treaty negotiations as an insider rather than become an outsider.

  • Advani’s economic agenda

    There is much in Mr Advani’s speech that gives reason for hope that the NDA is on the right track. It would serve the nation well if Mr Advani can insist upon these policies whether or not the NDA is elected to power.

  • Confessions of a retailer

    Quite clearly, Mr Biyani understands India—or at least "India Two", the one that he grew up with. He also has the business acumen to take advantage of the opportunity that the rise of this class has presented. The challenge is to institutionalise this knowledge so that it is not confined to his head, but spread within the company. The challenge is also to put in place the management structure and strategic vision that will enable him to run the conglomerate that he is creating. How is he doing on those counts?