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Lessons from the AIIB saga

The AIIB saga is an evolving story and hence the lessons too will keep evolving. The story of how Britain, overruling objections from the United States, announced...

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An epitaph for central banking

The world needs to be prepared for the possibility that from 2015 onwards, global growth disappoints and asset markets become increasingly volatile as a prelude...

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In defence of Ms Smriti Irani

Higher education is neither a necessary condition nor a sufficient condition for good governance. As I scoured through the Twitter pages of some well-known journalists...

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Hard-wired to extinction

The Federal Reserve is once again ignoring pervasive signs of financial instability that are widely visible.  Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate and famous author...

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Nelson Mandela

The universal deficit

Nelson Mandela’s greatness was in his absence of bitterness and the lack of interest in the trappings of office. Spending 10 days in Africa, out of which...

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Fiscal d

It is the fiscal policy, stupid

Fiscal deficits, fiscal dominance and the resultant financial repression are the two principal factors behind India’s current economic malaise. In the last week...

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Rescuing the rupee – getting facts straight

RBI is helping the rest of India grasp all that has gone wrong with the economy and the country in the last several years and thus begin to journey on the long road...

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January 1998 and July 2013 – what is the difference?

Why did Reserve Bank of India’s measures in 1998 work? How do they compare with the current set of measures? I had finished writing my last MINT column on...

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Political change, the stimulus that India needs

India’s growth pains are a symptom of the structural – economic, social and political – malaise that the country has sunk into, in the last decade. Raghuram...

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The watchdog must bark at all times

The watchdog must bark at all times

Attempts to discredit the CAG reports by levying false accusations of incompetence are wrong and set a dangerous precedent The Comptroller and Auditor General of...

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