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China’s post-2014 Afghanistan strategy

China’s approach to violent non-state actors is unlikely to make India or the United States happy. As the United States draws down its combat troops from Afghanistan,...

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Single party majority and the anti-defection law

The anti-defection law may be seen to violate the principle that the executive is subject to oversight by Parliament and a single party majority government increases...

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Afghanistan Observes 2007 International Peace Day

A deadly line

William Dalrymple’s triangulation error. Earlier this week, Brookings published a slickly produced essay on Afghanistan by British author William Dalrymple...

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Deep insight into the Haqqani Network

Haqqani Network is at the centre of a nexus of jehadi violence in a triangle of relations with the Pakistani Taliban, the Pakistani military and al-Qa’ida. Charlie...

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Riedel’s fantastical fantasies

Avoiding Armageddon adequately covers the history of the US and the Indian subcontinent but is marred by naïve proposals to solve Kashmir. Those who forget history...

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Whither to? America in AfPak

Afghanistan and the United States should not put all their eggs in Rawalpindi’s basket of peace-talks. 2012 was a year of success on the battlefield for the US/...

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Reconstructing Afghanistan’s natural balance

Imagine Afghanistan without extra-regional powers like the United States, NATO and others. Its stability would depend on the stability of the balance of power between...

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Hunting down Geronimo

The Abbottabad raid and its implications Now, there can be very little doubt over whether the Pakistani military leadership, Generals Ashfaq Kayani and Shuja Pasha...

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Unreal diplomacy at the UN

The vote on Libya New York suffered a tediously long winter this year, but for a few weeks in March there was an unusual sense of spring-like renewal at the United...

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U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Laura R. McFarlane

Pakistan must come clean

Handing over the Taliban leadership should be the next step. The daring covert American operation that assassinated Osama Bin Laden under the nose of Pakistan’s...

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