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Confronting a new world order

The new government should not be distracted from world order issues by the everyday fire-fighting and the occasional crises. So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming...

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The UN: Memo to the next Prime Minister

“Now would be a good time to review and overhaul your UN policies – if only to make space for more pressing priorities.” Dear Prime Minister, Congratulations...

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UN Peacekeeping

Will South Sudan reshape Indian peacekeeping?

Having taken a central role in the UN’s efforts to save lives in South Sudan, India should encourage an open debate – domestically and internationally. Two names...

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MONUC Peacekeepers Secure Area

How Africa outflanked India at the UN

India’s traditional ambivalence and failure to table fresh ideas on UN peacekeeping has left it marginalised in the UN. Over the last six months, two visions of...

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Arms Trade Treaty: Why India abstained

Arms Trade Treaty, originally conceived to control illicit arms trade, has been hijacked and converted into an instrument of coercion favouring a few arms exporting...

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India’s big bet at the UN

India’s recent stint at the United Nations Security Council leaves some questions unanswered. India’s recent tenure at the Security Council was, to borrow a...

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A case in absentia

A case in absentia

India has failed to leave its imprint in its two years at the UN Security Council On November 1, India began its month-long presidency of the Security Council....

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Missed opportunities

It’s hard to find a happy diplomat at the United Nations Security Council these days. Western officials grumble about the difficulty of negotiating with India,...

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Unreal diplomacy at the UN

The vote on Libya New York suffered a tediously long winter this year, but for a few weeks in March there was an unusual sense of spring-like renewal at the United...

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Why Germany abstained

A vote to move beyond trans-Atlantic unity While NATO attacks on Libyan forces continue intermittently, another debate rages alongside. This one concerns why Germany...

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