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The right’s idea deficit

Why is there a left bias in India? At one level, the answer is simple enough. As the academic and former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda once put it, “The...

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A taxing issue Writing in Jang about Pakistan’s economic crisis and the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST), MALEEHA LODHI, a former Pakistani diplomat, argues that...

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Kicked upstairs

Amidst all the scandals, leaks and allegations of corruption, the 2010 India Corruption Survey by Centre for Media Studies (CMS), an independent research agency...

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Rethinking foreign aid

“We want Trade, not Aid” declared Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni in an article in the Wall Street Journal in 2003, pointing out that rich economies...

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In Parliament: Judging the Judges

The current winter session of Parliament may witness a rare event—the impeachment of a sitting judge of a High Court. To date, there has been only one motion...

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The den in Yemen

On October 29th, two packages containing plastic explosives concealed in ink toner cartridges were discovered on cargo planes bound from Yemen to the United States...

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The democratic dividend in counter-insurgency

In a recent interview with the BBC, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev — an icon of liberal democracy for his introduction of glasnost and perestroika...

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Ranking bilateral relationships

Relations between nations are shaped by a complex interplay of a variety of factors — historical, geographic, political, economic, cultural, strategic and...

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A case for co-operation

Media reports have suggested that the United States and India plan to establish a bilateral technical group for further consultations on the issue of surmounting...

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How central banks make decisions? Federal Reserve has come under scathing criticism after its second round of quantitative easing. Fed members have explained their...

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