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The Takshashila Roundtable Conclave programme aims to create a shared understanding of India’s national interests that can serve as the intellectual bases...

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Towards a new non-proliferation regime

Barack Obama visited India and signed a joint statement with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The joint statement mirrored the emerging multi-dimensional...

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The raja-mandala is global

At a seminar earlier this year, a participant asked if the numerous crises in India’s immediate neighbourhood will limit India’s growth. This was some time after...

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What ails military modernisation?

Arming Without Aiming The pithy title says it all. It was a book waiting to be written for many years now. India’s military modernisation, or rather the lack of...

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Co-operating for power

Co-operating for power

Co-operation is the watchword of world’s military powers. Everything from the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a global financial meltdown, and even Wikileaks...

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Tackling the pirate menace

Long considered outdated, piracy has returned in the twenty-first century to haunt the Indian Ocean. In many ways, little has changed since the times of Henry Every...

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An imagined sea

The Mediterranean Sea has a privileged position in western history, from European antiquity down to the demise of the Ottoman Empire. Scholars of diverse persuasions—embracing...

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In Parliament

Could the Parliament’s financial oversight mechanisms have prevented the 2G scam? The Winter Session of Parliament was almost entirely washed out as the government...

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Indian Banks and the crisis VIRAL ACHARYA, ANUKARAN AGARWAL and NIRUPAMA KULKARNI presented an insightful paper (State ownership and systemic risk: Evidence from...

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Attention to trafficking

While the illegal immigration of Bangladeshis into India over the last several decades has become a security and economic concern among Indians, the employment of...

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