Tag: Taliban

  • Issue 18 | September 2008

    Kashmir concerns us. In the September 2008 issue of Pragati we argue that the idea of India presents the best hope for the well-being and development of all its people. More than old dogmatic mantras, we argue that the crisis in Kashmir calls for implementing genuine liberal policies. Since acquisition of land is as much the issue in places like West Bengal as much as it is in Singur, reforming India's land acquisition laws, and the framework for the rehabilitation of affected people is important. We look at some proposals that are in the pipeline.  A special feature in this issue is the third of our series of interviews with experts in strategic affairs: C Raja Mohan shares his perspectives on India's relations with Iran, China, Nepal and Pakistan. 

  • Send troops to Afghanistan

    A significant Indian military presence in Afghanistan will alter the geo-strategic landscape in the extended neighbourhood, by expanding India’s power projection in Central Asia. The Pakistani establishment will be compelled to divert its energies from their eastern to their northern borders. India can counter cross-border terrorism effectively only if it has the capacity to strategically ratchet up pressure either of Pakistan’s fronts.

  • The myth of Taliban tribalism

    Previous governments in the region were able to “rule” the Pashtuns by exploiting tribal divisions, whether undermining individual leaders by exacerbating tribal division or simply by enacting rules that hold tribal leaders responsible for their community’s actions. The current structure of the Taliban, as a de-tribalised insurgency, means that the usual methods of working within the tribal system are far less effective, if at all.

  • Hold steady in Afghanistan

    India must train the Afghan police to augment its counter-insurgency capabilities and must invest more in human and economic capital in the Pashtun population in the southern and eastern part of Afghanistan that are most affected by the Taliban insurgency.