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An assessment of Indian and Pakistani nuclear forces

The possibility of a nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan appears in virtually every discussion on international relations in the Indian subcontinent. In...

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When populism takes over: why the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 is flawed

Legislations passed in the wake of the Nirbhaya rape have been founded more on emotion than reason – but emotions make a poor basis for policies. The Rajya Sabha...

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The Syrian civil war after Paris

The U.S. and its Western allies have largely backed themselves into a corner on negotiations with Russia and Iran on Syria.   The coordinated terror attacks in...

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Allahabad AIML session and MAJ1

The quest for Pakistan: part two of an interview with Prof Venkat Dhulipala

“The critiques of Pakistan emphasise the point that there were significant divisions within the Indian Muslims on the idea of Pakistan. I have tried to capture...

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Redrawing the lines

The demise of colonialism in West Asia and a comparison to India. At the time of India’s independence there were several doubts about the country’s unity and...

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India’s focus on remittances costs at the G20

India’s focus on remittances costs at G20 to benefit Indian workers . The meeting of the G20 leaders in Antalaya, Turkey on November 15th– 16th, 2015 was held...

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India, Past and Present, historical, social and political ... Illustrated, etc. [With a bibliography by Sir W. W. Hunter.]

The grand old liberal

First Indian member of the British Parliament, first Indian professor at Elphinstone College, mathematician, natural philosopher, economist, and co-Founder of the...

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Beyond the narratives

Along with narratives, a framework for analysing acts of violence against women can help generate a discussion around how they can be prevented. Any discussion...

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How does taxation bring accountability?

Lucy Martin in her paper, explicitly states that “punishment is never economically rational, but rather a purely expressive action by the citizen.” Taxation...

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The legacy of Xi

As Xi seeks to challenge Mao and Deng as great reformers, his handling of the current economic crisis will define his legacy. The last few years has seen the rise...

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