Tag: security

  • Hold steady in Afghanistan

    India must train the Afghan police to augment its counter-insurgency capabilities and must invest more in human and economic capital in the Pashtun population in the southern and eastern part of Afghanistan that are most affected by the Taliban insurgency.

  • A disarming argument

    Between a new form of international deterrence and universal disarmament, the latter is of course preferable. Unfortunately, it is also less likely to come about. India should nevertheless play an active role in international efforts to reduce the danger from nuclear weapons.

  • Pakistan zindabad!

    India’s long-term interests therefore call for New Delhi to insist on strengthening state institutions vis-à-vis the military establishment now, at a time when outside powers are interested in Pakistan’s stability. Even as India engages President Musharraf bilaterally, a separate multilateral process will allow it to pursue other imperatives of the stabilisation process.