Tag: Salil Tripathi

  • Let them come (even sans visa)

    This is a battle India can win easily against China: by being more open, India may reveal its weaknesses; but at least those weaknesses will be visible. By closing down, India may think it has hidden its weaknesses, but it will only confirm the worst fears other may have about India. Salil Tripathi urges that academics, journalists and human rights activists be welcomed.

  • Getting human rights right

    Are human rights activists playing into the hands of terrorists? A three way discussion on the need for the human rights agenda to be alive to the threat of terrorism in order to stay true to its cause. Includes web-only content

  • The unkindest cut

    The loan write-off is designed to keep farmers where they are: on small land-holdings, where often their only source of regular income is labour at the farm of a bigger farmer with a larger land-holding. In the name of supporting "sustainable livelihoods" on a small scale, activists, leftists, and certain NGOs glorify the small farmer, insisting that his life must not be changed, and large corporations be kept out. How inhuman that solution can get.     Podcast launched! Listen to Pragati