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  • The strategic imprint of India’s presence

    In addition to being a politician—and currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha—Jaswant Singh is also a visiting professor at Oxford and Warwick universities and a senior fellow at Harvard. In his book lined study in his official residence in New Delhi’s Teen Murti Lane, it was mainly the professor who spoke to Pragati, not least when he began by gently upbraiding his interviewers for not having properly read one of his earlier books. [Note: Podcast is up]

  • Send troops to Afghanistan

    A significant Indian military presence in Afghanistan will alter the geo-strategic landscape in the extended neighbourhood, by expanding India’s power projection in Central Asia. The Pakistani establishment will be compelled to divert its energies from their eastern to their northern borders. India can counter cross-border terrorism effectively only if it has the capacity to strategically ratchet up pressure either of Pakistan’s fronts.

  • Dealing with China’s power projection

    A rising China will not tolerate a rising India as its peer competitor. Even if a rising India does not have an intention of becoming a regional hegemon, China will try its best to contain India as it has already done to a large extent. And it is this containment that India must guard against.