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Do interest rates matter in India?

In India, lower interest rates are surely no magic wand. Joseph Stiglitz and Larry Summers may not be on the same page on many matters these days. However, on the...

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Indian financial code: real risk of financial capture

The biggest risk that the draft financial code poses to Indian economic and financial stability is that it vests tremendous powers in the executive branch of the...

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Stack Of Cash

The incredibly myopic fund

Prosperity has dulled the appetite for the heavy-lifting and pain-bearing required to restore sustainable economic growth in the world. It was an eventful week for...

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RBIs recent decisions

The recent decisions by the RBI with respect to cash withdrawals  are completely bereft of economic and financial reasoning. Two recent decisions of the Reserve...

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scorched earth

Scorched economy: poisoning the well

Will the current government choose responsibly, or leave the well poisoned for the rest of us?  In 1462, Price Vlad III (the original ‘Dracula’) retreated through...

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indian eye

Non Relevant Indians

Why should an NRI become the least relevant of all Indians? Diaspora: the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland We...

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Riding the rupee tiger

Have we tamed the animal that is the rupee-dollar exchange rate? The arrival of a new RBI governor seems to have clicked with the markets – stocks are up to near-all-time-highs,...

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Central Bank

Central banking in crisis

The political economy risk to the RBI’s institutional credibility. The appointments of central bank governors have become almost as high-profile and important...

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Confusion reigns

It is unclear as to which objective of RBI has been achieved with its recent announcements. The title of this article is not just about RBI’s bizarre announcement three...

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Rescuing the rupee – getting facts straight

RBI is helping the rest of India grasp all that has gone wrong with the economy and the country in the last several years and thus begin to journey on the long road...

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