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Goods and services tax in India

Feasible options for the implementation of the GST in April 2016. The introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) involving the unification and rationalisation...

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Public procurement legislation: Essential for improving public financial management in India

The new government’s initiative to formally legislate Union government’s procurement process should be welcomed. Among the major continuing challenges in public...

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GST: small reform, big impact

Implementing GST will be one small step for the legislature but a giant step for the benefit of the country. Ad man Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy and Mather in a TED...

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Single party majority and the anti-defection law

The anti-defection law may be seen to violate the principle that the executive is subject to oversight by Parliament and a single party majority government increases...

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This Parliament’s legacy to the next

The next government will have to address issues across a number of areas and will have the prerogative to decide the priority list, and the approach to address these...

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Indian parliament

A task each for the next PM and LoP

Measures that can be taken to make Parliament and individual MPs more effective. The 15th Lok Sabha will have its last session in February. This Lok Sabha has been...

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The dead Ordinance

The constitutional issues around the ‘Convicted MPs’ Bill would have led to its dismissal by the Supreme Court.  The Union Cabinet has decided to withdraw...

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Parliament 1

Bypassing the states

Can Parliament pre-empt state government resources through ‘rights’ laws? The Food Security Bill is expected to be discussed in Parliament in the next few days....

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What is Indian secularism?

Secularism is more than laws, concessions, and special considerations. It is a state of mind, at best almost an instinctive feeling, such as India has known for...

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Political change, the stimulus that India needs

India’s growth pains are a symptom of the structural – economic, social and political – malaise that the country has sunk into, in the last decade. Raghuram...

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