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The strategic implications of India’s cross-border raid

The government’s challenge will be to quickly consolidate psychological and military gains from this conflict and use intelligence and political methods to prevent...

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The eightfold path to India’s nuclear fuel supply security

The eightfold path presents eight principles which will help India secure its nuclear energy infrastructure. Energy security will continue to remain a critical determinant...

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When Iran enters the global mainstream

An Iranian entry into the international mainstream is an opportunity of altogether different proportions. There is now a good chance that Iran will conclude a nuclear...

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From a domestic to an international narrative

India has the wherewithal to be less finicky about complying with international rules when they come in the way of national interests. It now looks like the impasse...

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Towards a shared understanding

And why it is important? IN HIS introduction to The Shield of Achilles, Philip Bobbitt argues that history “is the distinctive element in the ceaseless, restless...

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Confronting a new world order

The new government should not be distracted from world order issues by the everyday fire-fighting and the occasional crises. So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming...

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Budgeting for defence

No agenda for defence reform and modernisation is complete without first grounding defence expenditure in sound economic reasoning. Admiral D K Joshi’s resignation...

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Afghanistan Observes 2007 International Peace Day

A deadly line

William Dalrymple’s triangulation error. Earlier this week, Brookings published a slickly produced essay on Afghanistan by British author William Dalrymple...

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The cost of Cauvery

A new approach to solving the river water sharing problem. The dispute over the sharing of the waters of the Cauvery river has been a Damocles’ sword threatening...

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Why Pakistan interferes in Afghanistan

Why Pakistan interferes in Afghanistan

A strong, independent Afghanistan is perceived as an existential threat to Pakistan Just why is Pakistan interested in installing a friendly regime in Afghanistan?...

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