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India, Past and Present, historical, social and political ... Illustrated, etc. [With a bibliography by Sir W. W. Hunter.]

The grand old liberal

First Indian member of the British Parliament, first Indian professor at Elphinstone College, mathematician, natural philosopher, economist, and co-Founder of the...

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No end to history: The Indian context

On the question of liberal democracy and its future in India.  The 2014 elections in India were remarkable. Noteworthy not only for the majority that it produced...

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No end to history?

While liberal democracy may be the least imperfect system yet known to man, it is not very clear whether mankind will pursue this desirable destination without long...

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GST: small reform, big impact

Implementing GST will be one small step for the legislature but a giant step for the benefit of the country. Ad man Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy and Mather in a TED...

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IITs and beyond

To improve India’s international standing in the scientific community and to contribute applied research for India’s development, it is better to focus on the...

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Does Asia need another development bank?

India’s best response to China’s AIIB voting structure and decision hierarchy is to reform, reduce inflation and grow strongly. The Asian Development Bank...

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milk industry

Reforming the dairy industry

As per capita consumption of milk increases, it will require the creation of new institutional structures and priorities to protect against runaway inflation. Inflation...

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The winning formula

Deciphering the winning formula for India’s elections. Election fever has begun in earnest in India. Last Sunday, live results from four states – Rajasthan,...

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State of chaos

The Union government, has squandered the opportunity to develop a proper transition plan in Andhra Pradesh and has instead chosen to make an ill timed political...

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Sleeping with the enemy

Can the Congress and the BJP get together in a grand coalition and form a national government to reset India on the path to prosperity? Imagine this. The Bharatiya...

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