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Public procurement legislation: Essential for improving public financial management in India

The new government’s initiative to formally legislate Union government’s procurement process should be welcomed. Among the major continuing challenges in public...

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Rethinking MGNREGA

From welfare to skilling and creating productive assets. There is growing consensus that the substance of the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)...

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Long Road

Probable economic priorities of the NDA government

Exhibition of higher level of economic literacy by all the stakeholders, could help in better communicating public policies and progress towards effective realisation...

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Solar power and energy security

Gujarat’s experience suggests that there is considerable merit in solar energy initiatives being integrated with overall energy policy rather than as stand-alone...

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Taxing poorly with LBT

The Local Bodies Taxes levied in Maharashtra is poorly planned and designed. It ignores the lessons learnt from tax reform experiences. Maharashtra plans to complete...

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Promote International Financial Services in India

Promoting International Financial Services from India will further its geo-economic and geo-strategic interests. As India seeks to expand its economic and strategic...

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Farming in the cities

As Indian households strive to maintain food consumption in the face of high inflation, increasing demand, and relatively slower increases in supply, promoting urban...

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Older Indian

Life after ’35

The time to plan for old age is now. India is currently experiencing a favourable demographic phase, during which the share of working age population in the total...

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Engaging the East

The recent months have witnessed energetic economic diplomacy initiatives by India in the Asia-Pacific region. These initiatives should aim to expand India’s economic...

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The taxman goes global

The taxman goes global

The G-20, comprising 85 percent of the global GDP, 80 percent of world trade, and two-thirds of the global population has become an important international economic...

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