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The effective implementation of OROP

To effectively implement OROP, the MoD needs to depart from its current practices. The decision by the current government to implement One-Rank-One-Pension (OROP)...

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The evolving dynamics of union–state fiscal relations

Focusing on the altered public financial management dynamics of state governments and analysing the opportunities and challenges. There have been many developments...

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Addressing inequality in Singapore

Addressing inequality issue in Singapore and studying its implications for India.  The publication of Thomas Piketty’s 2014 book Capital in the Twenty First...

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Financing smart cities: key requirements

The “smart cities” project represents an opportunity to experiment with organisational and governance structures of the cities, with a view to enhancing performance-orientation...

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The Jan Dhan Yojna: the key considerations in obtaining desired outcomes.

Accountable and transparent organisational structure for implementing PMJDY should be essential for realising the desired societal outcomes. On the occasion of the...

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India’s budget 2014-15

India’s budget 2014-15: Initial steps towards professionalising tax administration. There has been widespread concern that the current organisations and systems...

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Reforming public enterprises

Change of control and ownership is not essential. The proposition that nationalisation (transfer of enterprise ownership and control from the private sector to the...

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Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

Mitigating fiscal risk of pension liabilities of government financial institutions

The fiscal risk posed by the current pension liability management of public sector financial institutions (including the RBI) need to be recognised and addressed. The December 2013 Financial...

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Lego block

Growth drivers and Mr Modi’s economic reasoning

A look into the growth drivers and Mr Modi’s economic reasoning. There is considerable analytical and empirical literature explaining factors driving broad-based...

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Indian rupee

Fiscal Discipline in the States

Issues in measurement and use as a policy instrument. Even as the concerns are mounting about the Union government’s competence in managing public finances and...

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