Tag: international relations

  • Getting human rights right

    Are human rights activists playing into the hands of terrorists? A three way discussion on the need for the human rights agenda to be alive to the threat of terrorism in order to stay true to its cause. Includes web-only content

  • Options in Sri Lanka

    If India were to take a hard-nosed view of long-term interests, a subtle shift in its position against the LTTE will go a long way in safeguarding the country’s strategic interest in the Indian Ocean region besides securing the interests of ethnic Tamils in the island.

  • Space on the table

    It is in India’s interests to become an active party to the outer space disarmament agenda and to propose its own draft of PAROS. It is important for India to influence the future treaty negotiations as an insider rather than become an outsider.

  • What Kautilya would say

    a poor nation with a smaller tax base could not finance the building of the requisite military capability. It certainly could not match the power of a rich nation and consequently would become an irresistible target for attack by stronger nations. He argued that power breeds more power but the challenge was: how to initiate the process with limited resources. His genius lay in offering insights for meeting the challenge—that is of maintaining independence and becoming prosperous.