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India and the emergence of the Indo-Pacific

India needs to identify the issues and partners needed to anticipate, the changes in the power structures in the Indo-Pacific over the next half a century.  Conventional...

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Human capital: Where does India stand?

The skew in India towards younger generations highlights the disconnect between today’s education system and the skills required in the labour market. Upon analysis...

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The eightfold path to India’s nuclear fuel supply security

The eightfold path presents eight principles which will help India secure its nuclear energy infrastructure. Energy security will continue to remain a critical determinant...

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India in League of Nations

“India contains 300,000,000 people, and to say that those people should have no representation of their own in the League of Nations would be carrying the logic...

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China currency devaluation – matter of when and not if

India is not ready to step in as China’s economic engine stutters and stops. In October 2014, the Takshashila Institution published a discussion document on the...

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The strategic partnership

U.S and India have to overcome traditional modes of thinking in the defence establishments of their respective countries. President Obama’s participation in India’s...

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Setting the field: Australia-India engagement in Southeast Asia

Enhancing its role in East and Southeast Asia could signal the beginning of India’s transformation into a significant actor across the entire Indo-Pacific region. 2014...

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Foreign policy in transition

A review of Arijit Mazumdar’s Indian Foreign Policy in Transition: Relations with South Asia Indian foreign policy was given renewed vigour by newly appointed...

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From a domestic to an international narrative

India has the wherewithal to be less finicky about complying with international rules when they come in the way of national interests. It now looks like the impasse...

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An Indian agenda for trade and investment reform

India must put in all its reform effort into policies that will increase the international competitiveness of Indian firms and encourage both foreign and domestic...

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