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No end to history?

While liberal democracy may be the least imperfect system yet known to man, it is not very clear whether mankind will pursue this desirable destination without long...

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Towards a shared understanding

And why it is important? IN HIS introduction to The Shield of Achilles, Philip Bobbitt argues that history “is the distinctive element in the ceaseless, restless...

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Where is the Indo-European homeland these days?

For each of the Indo-European homeland theories and their paths of dispersal, there are sufficient counter arguments that make each of them untenable. But Indian...

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Linear B Image

Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code and the Uncovering of a Lost Civilisation by Margalit Fox

Margalit Fox reveals the life and struggles of the people behind the decipherment of Linear B, an unknown language in an unknown script, similar to Indus-Saraswati...

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Harappa 1

An earlier date for Indo-Europeans in Northwest India

Archaeological evidence suggests that Indo-European speakers may have been present in Northwest India two millennia earlier than previously thought. Between 4500...

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How old is Proto-Dravidian?

A new paper claims that there existed a super linguistic ancestor, older than Proto-Indo-European, around 15,000 years back. According to linguists, there is a relation...

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GOPAL front

Gopal’s narrative histories

A collection for all serious students of India’s post-independence history.  Early this year, the Marxist historian and anthropologist Vivek Chibber published Postcolonial...

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Afghanistan Observes 2007 International Peace Day

A deadly line

William Dalrymple’s triangulation error. Earlier this week, Brookings published a slickly produced essay on Afghanistan by British author William Dalrymple...

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What is Indian secularism?

Secularism is more than laws, concessions, and special considerations. It is a state of mind, at best almost an instinctive feeling, such as India has known for...

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Pakistan: Myths and consequences

The Islamic and irrationally anti-Indian elements in the self-image of the Pakistani state have led it down a self-destructive path. Salman Rushdie famously said...

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