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Value capture from infrastructure investments

Given India’s massive urban infrastructure needs, it will have to rely on different options to raise a share of the resources required. The urban planner Donald...

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India’s urban housing challenge

The new Urban Development Minister has vowed to ensure housing for all urban residents by 2020. He has some challenge at hand.  The Government estimated a deficit...

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An agenda for urban reforms

The development of our cities requires overcoming several challenges. It is now well established that cities are the engines of India’s economic dynamism. A report...

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Reforming India’s land titling system

A gradualist approach stands a much greater likelihood of success with reforming a complex legacy system like land records. Among all the problems faced while doing...

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procurement box

No arbitrary transfers, no corruption in procurements

For ending corruption and improving governance, we need to institutionalise reforms in personnel deployments and procurements by the government. There are no more...

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labour reforms

Labour market reforms in India

Among India’s still-born second generation reforms, labour market reforms is one of the most important and politically difficult. A labyrinth of state and central...

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Central Bank

Central banking in crisis

The political economy risk to the RBI’s institutional credibility. The appointments of central bank governors have become almost as high-profile and important...

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Fighting harassment corruption

How to address the problem of government officials demanding bribes from citizens for accessing public services.  The anger and indignation that has aroused the...

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How to improve social policy design

A collaborative approach to solving development problems in India.  It is widely acknowledged that program implementation is the Achilles Heel of India’s massive...

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The challenge with law enforcement

Develop local strategies that seek to increase the civic sensibilities and public responsibilities of citizens.  The popular explanation for India’s dysfunctional...

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