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In defence of Ms Smriti Irani

Higher education is neither a necessary condition nor a sufficient condition for good governance. As I scoured through the Twitter pages of some well-known journalists...

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Long Road

Probable economic priorities of the NDA government

Exhibition of higher level of economic literacy by all the stakeholders, could help in better communicating public policies and progress towards effective realisation...

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AAP pic

Aam Aadmi Party gets it wrong

AAP will have to concentrate on governance, managerial skills, capable institutions and clear policy frameworks. AAP pulled off a spectacular victory in Delhi....

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procurement box

No arbitrary transfers, no corruption in procurements

For ending corruption and improving governance, we need to institutionalise reforms in personnel deployments and procurements by the government. There are no more...

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The capacity to deliver

Our state agencies need to be redesigned by shifting the current discourse on agency design to a first-principle, empirical analysis of staffing and design. In recent...

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A concerned honest civil servant wonders now

The biggest governance challenge for a new government will be re-creating the legitimate space for executive action. This Mint article is an interesting portrayal...

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firm government

Firm Government

The relevance of Professor Coase’s The Nature of the Firm to the Indian governance system. Ronald H Coase, who died recently at the age of 102 had an extraordinarily...

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The midlife crisis of governance

It is not about one party or one leader. Our governance is too centralised, too top heavy, and too obese. Humans and nations are similar in that both need periodic...

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Good data, good governance

Data is concrete knowledge, and without it, decision makers can only rely on guessing. Data is ‘in’. The media provides clear percentages and cool visualisations...

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The perpetual disconnect

The modernisation of paramilitary forces in India has suffered due to the disconnect between the ground operatives and the policy-makers. It is apt to start with...

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