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Independence of Indian delegations to the League

“…the most outstanding principle animating the activity of the League of Nations was the recognition of the principle of nationality and the equal sovereignty...

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India’s grand strategy for the 21st century

Piecing together the elements of India’s geostrategy since its independence. A review of Beyond South Asia: India’s Strategic Evolution and the Reintegration...

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Moscow: India’s ticket to the energy riches of the Arctic.

New Delhi should make an attempt to be a vibrant ‘observing voice’ in the Arctic Council and look to push Moscow in giving support the country’s private sector. It...

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Afghanistan Observes 2007 International Peace Day

A deadly line

William Dalrymple’s triangulation error. Earlier this week, Brookings published a slickly produced essay on Afghanistan by British author William Dalrymple...

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MONUC Peacekeepers Secure Area

How Africa outflanked India at the UN

India’s traditional ambivalence and failure to table fresh ideas on UN peacekeeping has left it marginalised in the UN. Over the last six months, two visions of...

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Defence must be India’s way

India’s grand strategy has been, is and will be unique. It must be developed even more keenly. It has once again become fashionable in international foreign policy...

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Arms Trade Treaty: Why India abstained

Arms Trade Treaty, originally conceived to control illicit arms trade, has been hijacked and converted into an instrument of coercion favouring a few arms exporting...

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The existential threat to Pakistan comes from poverty, disease and ignorance and not from India

Former Ambassador of Pakistan to Sri Lanka (1992-1993) and the United States of America (2008-2011), Husain Haqqani is currently Senior Fellow and Director for South...

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Realism calls

India needs to induct realism and balancing in its foreign policy. If recent rumours on the Chinese internet are true, then Chinese armed forces and PLA are planning...

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A case in absentia

A case in absentia

India has failed to leave its imprint in its two years at the UN Security Council On November 1, India began its month-long presidency of the Security Council....

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