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Indian financial code: real risk of financial capture

The biggest risk that the draft financial code poses to Indian economic and financial stability is that it vests tremendous powers in the executive branch of the...

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The ‘Troika’ goal is not Grexit from EMU but Syrexit from Greece

Unless timely financial assistance is forthcoming, Greece will default on its payment and this might trigger a process of reactions and actions . In January, Greece...

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China currency devaluation – matter of when and not if

India is not ready to step in as China’s economic engine stutters and stops. In October 2014, the Takshashila Institution published a discussion document on the...

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January 1998 and July 2013 – what is the difference?

Why did Reserve Bank of India’s measures in 1998 work? How do they compare with the current set of measures? I had finished writing my last MINT column on...

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The bogus case for fiscal stimulus

A response to the critics of Reinhart and Rogoff’s theory on public debt and growth. The amount of ink that has been shed on the so-called methodological...

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Too risky to dump gold now

Global economics and markets are still full of risks that are yet to materialise. This makes gold relevant as an insurance asset. The spot price of gold has dropped...

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Promote International Financial Services in India

Promoting International Financial Services from India will further its geo-economic and geo-strategic interests. As India seeks to expand its economic and strategic...

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Prospects of a structural slowdown

More than mere turbulence for the Indian economy The stellar performance of Indian stocks this year (up around 30 percent in US dollar terms, out of which around...

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‘Chindia’, China or India?

Contrary to what most people think, it could (still!) well be India If the first decade of the new millennium has mostly been kind for India in terms of economic...

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A (WTF) downgrade

Image: Eric Parker It was a bad day at the office for Indian economy on the 9th November, even if it was not one for the Indian cricketers at the Delhi Feroz Shah...

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