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Nehru, the realist

Nehru’s adoption of tactics, especially with respect to his approach in international relations was decided by their usefulness. “Whatever policy you may lay...

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National power and its role in geopolitics

All important players in international politics are those that are powerful. Far too often, news coverage on geopolitical events projects value judgments as outcomes...

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Confronting a new world order

The new government should not be distracted from world order issues by the everyday fire-fighting and the occasional crises. So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming...

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The other neighbour

The next move by the incoming government on Sri Lanka has to one that will balance domestic interests and the greater Indian national interest. At the height of...

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The rising tide of India-Japan relations

Japan reaches out to India like never before. India must reciprocate to make the most of a paradigm shift in Asian power politics. It is not often that a head of...

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Sharif’s 100 days

Nawaz Sharif’s start as the prime minister of Pakistan is uninspiring and unworthy of positive reinforcement. Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif is...

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MONUC Peacekeepers Secure Area

How Africa outflanked India at the UN

India’s traditional ambivalence and failure to table fresh ideas on UN peacekeeping has left it marginalised in the UN. Over the last six months, two visions of...

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Observing the Arctic

India ‘s observer status  at the Arctic Council comes at an opportune time. Its activities now will impact how states perceive and act in the Arctic in the long-term....

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As Bangladesh boils, a challenge for India

What India can do as the political situation worsens in Bangladesh Political ferment is par for the course in Bangladesh. But even by its own standards, the last...

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India’s big bet at the UN

India’s recent stint at the United Nations Security Council leaves some questions unanswered. India’s recent tenure at the Security Council was, to borrow a...

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