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  • Keeping promoters on the leash

    In the wake of the fraud at Satyam, R Vaidyanathan argues that company promoters should be compelled to declare the nature of the impact of their actions on other family related businesses and certify to the board that these are consistent with the law.

  • When it’s good to slow down

    The reaction to the modest increase in the still-administered prices of energy products in India recently is a clear example of leadership failure at all levels and across the political spectrum. Short-term political gains and misguided public angst dominate national interest. When the Congress Party returns to Opposition benches, they will return the compliment. It hurts and will hurt India. Badly. It appears that the Indian democracy subsidises mediocre and inferior leadership more than the Indian government subsidises commodities.

  • Know your consumer?

    Ms Bijapurkar emphasises the danger of being carried away by a grand vision of the stereotypical Indian consumer. Instead she advocates segmentation and profiling to understand the multiple consumer classes which exist in the country.

  • Where is the financial superhighway?

    If a government which sabotaged its country's infrastructure development it would be mocked by the world and thrown out by its citizens. Yet, the government of India, which has repeatedly failed to allow its financial infrastructure to develop, has not inspired any outrage.

  • Confessions of a retailer

    Quite clearly, Mr Biyani understands India—or at least "India Two", the one that he grew up with. He also has the business acumen to take advantage of the opportunity that the rise of this class has presented. The challenge is to institutionalise this knowledge so that it is not confined to his head, but spread within the company. The challenge is also to put in place the management structure and strategic vision that will enable him to run the conglomerate that he is creating. How is he doing on those counts?