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The next Indian government and foreign policy priorities

A look at the key areas of priority for the incoming government. Once the dust settles in yet another iteration of the world’s largest democratic exercise,...

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Fixing the Indian economy

India must address its primary, internal challenges before paying too much heed to foreign concerns. Despite April’s national elections, there is no point expecting...

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wage ceiling

Restructure the ESIC

Higher wage ceiling proposal by Employees State Insurance Corporation is a further proof that it doesn’t serve the interests of the workers or the economy. The...

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China reforms – too little, too late

In the three critical areas, China’s new reform package has been remarkably brief and vague.  Too much paeans have been sung in praise of the Chinese government’s...

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Riding the rupee tiger

Have we tamed the animal that is the rupee-dollar exchange rate? The arrival of a new RBI governor seems to have clicked with the markets – stocks are up to near-all-time-highs,...

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Fiscal d

It is the fiscal policy, stupid

Fiscal deficits, fiscal dominance and the resultant financial repression are the two principal factors behind India’s current economic malaise. In the last week...

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Labour restrictions: Breaking six decades of deadlock

Initiatives to push the dynamics in the labour market to force regulatory practices to adapt to evolving economic and socio-political structures. India suffers from...

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Confusion reigns

It is unclear as to which objective of RBI has been achieved with its recent announcements. The title of this article is not just about RBI’s bizarre announcement three...

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The backward vision

Nitish Kumar’s vision of a backward state for Bihar will only perpetuate poverty and dependency. The vision of current political leadership of Bihar led by Chief...

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Rescuing the rupee – getting facts straight

RBI is helping the rest of India grasp all that has gone wrong with the economy and the country in the last several years and thus begin to journey on the long road...

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