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How does taxation bring accountability?

Lucy Martin in her paper, explicitly states that “punishment is never economically rational, but rather a purely expressive action by the citizen.” Taxation...

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Budgeting for defence

No agenda for defence reform and modernisation is complete without first grounding defence expenditure in sound economic reasoning. Admiral D K Joshi’s resignation...

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Central Bank

Central banking in crisis

The political economy risk to the RBI’s institutional credibility. The appointments of central bank governors have become almost as high-profile and important...

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dipankar gupta

Democracy and the role of citizen elite

To uplift each and every citizen, the citizen elite should consciously attack the impediments and constantly engage with the state policies. Should democracy be...

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The (wrong) battle for the rupee

It is best to leave the rupee to go where it has to go, and take steps that address the problem, not the symptom. Freedom is a wonderful thing. In 1947, we got freedom...

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January 1998 and July 2013 – what is the difference?

Why did Reserve Bank of India’s measures in 1998 work? How do they compare with the current set of measures? I had finished writing my last MINT column on...

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It’s the politics, stupid

Understanding Narendra Modi’s economic pitch for 2014 elections. It is now given that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi would be the prime ministerial candidate...

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Fighting harassment corruption

How to address the problem of government officials demanding bribes from citizens for accessing public services.  The anger and indignation that has aroused the...

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Keep the steroids, or else…

India has not created any exit policies for the stimulus packages it initiated during a crisis. We are addicted. We are on steroids. We are now going to face the...

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Aspirations of emerging giants

The dissimilarities and similarities between India and China have roots in historical reasons of India-China economic relations. In the contemporary world, the democratic...

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