Tag: economic freedom

  • The case for freedom

    The road to prosperity lies through economic freedom—free trade, free markets, rule of law, low and non-distortionary taxes, enforcement of contracts, light but consistent regulations, sanctity of property rights. You may have heard this song before. We shall sing it till it is really heard. And then again.

  • A wishlist for 2008

    So as 2008 begins, I present to you my wishlist for the new year. This is all fantasy—none of these wishes may actually come true this year. But they give us something to aim for, and hopefully we’ll get there one day—and truly be a free country. It’s a long list, and I’m sure any reader of Pragati could easily double it. There is so much to do, and so little will. And yet, it is important to keep shouting from the rooftops what India needs to fix, and Pragati will continue to do just that. Are you with us?