Tag: disarmament

  • Space on the table

    It is in India’s interests to become an active party to the outer space disarmament agenda and to propose its own draft of PAROS. It is important for India to influence the future treaty negotiations as an insider rather than become an outsider.

  • Common interests

    Australia and India are logical strategic partners. Yet circumstances have obstructed their closer engagement. The next few years could see the breakthrough both countries need, but it will take sustained political will in both capitals. Otherwise, we risk seeing great expectations end with the diplomatic equivalent of a dropped catch. New: Read Pragati online. Check out the new visual reader »

  • A disarming argument

    Between a new form of international deterrence and universal disarmament, the latter is of course preferable. Unfortunately, it is also less likely to come about. India should nevertheless play an active role in international efforts to reduce the danger from nuclear weapons.