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The diversionary policies

Schemes such as SAGY and MPLADS are diversionary in nature.  The government has launched the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY). Under this scheme, each Member of...

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Asia’s tryst with constitutionalism

Constitutional breakdowns are indicators of political instability. Political stability, however, by no means is any guarantee for individual liberties. The recent...

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The ban(e) on the Republic

The push for a political movement for the continuity of a liberal, democratic, republic has to happen now. We, in India have in the last few decades become a democracy,...

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The JPC report and what it entails

The JPC report on telecom spectrum allocation raises several structural questions The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) that was looking into various aspects of...

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Indian Emblem

Craving the original

A preamble is a historical statement of a monumental event. Amending it amounts to diminishing the efforts of the framers of the Constitution. The dark days during...

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Levelling democracy

To safeguard democracy, we must separate governance from the popular will. Should electoral opinion polling be banned, or at least severely restricted in India?...

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The dead Ordinance

The constitutional issues around the ‘Convicted MPs’ Bill would have led to its dismissal by the Supreme Court.  The Union Cabinet has decided to withdraw...

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What is Indian secularism?

Secularism is more than laws, concessions, and special considerations. It is a state of mind, at best almost an instinctive feeling, such as India has known for...

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Relevance of Satyagraha today

It would be more empowering to recognise the freedom of the people, and encourage them to find their own solutions. Politics must have a moral foundation. However,...

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The concrete constitution

The recent anti-corruption campaigns may not increase probity in public life but they have certainly sparked a debate about the Indian Constitution. Politicians,...

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