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India and the emergence of the Indo-Pacific

India needs to identify the issues and partners needed to anticipate, the changes in the power structures in the Indo-Pacific over the next half a century.  Conventional...

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10 and do

Fiscal push to propel India’s economy

A large government balance sheet is vital for a financially stable capitalism. In a world of Lilliputian growth and with China threatening to implode, India’s...

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China currency devaluation – matter of when and not if

India is not ready to step in as China’s economic engine stutters and stops. In October 2014, the Takshashila Institution published a discussion document on the...

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Lessons from the AIIB saga

The AIIB saga is an evolving story and hence the lessons too will keep evolving. The story of how Britain, overruling objections from the United States, announced...

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India’s grand strategy for the 21st century

Piecing together the elements of India’s geostrategy since its independence. A review of Beyond South Asia: India’s Strategic Evolution and the Reintegration...

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The last stumbling block

A breakthrough in the Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal negotiations is the last step in clearing the path for India and Iran to help Afghanistan in its quest for strategic...

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ECB launches (or joins) World War III

The European Central Bank has rung the bell on the last act for both paper currencies and for modern central banks. ON 22 January, Mario Draghi, the President of...

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Cautious optimism for U.S.-India relations

 It pays to be optimistic about U.S.-India relations, but also realistic. One year ago, the Devyani Khobragade affair plunged the U.S.-India relationship into deep...

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After the visit

Sri Lanka – China relations after Xi Jinping’s visit and the implications for India’s Sri Lanka policy. Within the last month, Sri Lanka has received attention...

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Sharing India’s democratic talents

What can emerging democracies learn from India’s democratic tradition? In Japan, prime minister Narendra Modi ruffled Chinese feathers when he praised Indian...

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