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Sharing India’s democratic talents

What can emerging democracies learn from India’s democratic tradition? In Japan, prime minister Narendra Modi ruffled Chinese feathers when he praised Indian...

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When Iran sanctions bite

Breaking down the sanctions on Iran and tracing its effects on India. In recent years, India has found itself caught not only in the bitter US-Iran rivalry but also...

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Towards a new non-proliferation regime

Barack Obama visited India and signed a joint statement with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The joint statement mirrored the emerging multi-dimensional...

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Ranking bilateral relationships

Relations between nations are shaped by a complex interplay of a variety of factors — historical, geographic, political, economic, cultural, strategic and...

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A crown of thorns

A crown of thorns

These were the words, it seems, that most Indians were eagerly waiting to hear when US President Barack Obama addressed the joint session of the Indian parliament: “I...

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Photo Credit: Chad J McNeeley/US Department of Defense

Muddling Along

American journalist Bob Woodward’s latest book about the White House — Obama’s Wars — has meticulously documented the deliberations involving...

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Photo:  Kirsten_Sistak

What’s the Big Idea?

A forthcoming event in Delhi that was long in the works, built upon a structural foundation laid over several years, and expected to draw considerable international...

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