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the colonel who would not repent

Building Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s long journey to try and come to terms with its own history, and grasp a sense of a stable future is ultimately what Salil Tripathi’s The...

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Foreign policy in transition

A review of Arijit Mazumdar’s Indian Foreign Policy in Transition: Relations with South Asia Indian foreign policy was given renewed vigour by newly appointed...

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De-aliening India

The impossibility and social costs of attempting to hound out millions of unidentifiable Bangladeshis from India should be factored into the policies of the new...

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The next Indian government and foreign policy priorities

A look at the key areas of priority for the incoming government. Once the dust settles in yet another iteration of the world’s largest democratic exercise,...

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Beyond borders

Indo-Bangladesh border management and illegal immigration needs a policy overhaul to protect Indian national interest without violating individual freedoms of people...

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The contemporary resonance of 1971 War

Was the 1971 Bangladesh crisis not only the moment of India’s greatest military triumph but also a grievous strategic error? In the meantime, India and Bangladesh...

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A considered disentanglement

With respect to the subcontinent, India can benefit from greater regional cooperation, economic integration and connectivity. At this year’s Annual Conclave of...

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As Bangladesh boils, a challenge for India

What India can do as the political situation worsens in Bangladesh Political ferment is par for the course in Bangladesh. But even by its own standards, the last...

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#Shahbag- A personal view

Is Shahbag Bangladesh’s second Mukti Juddho? Bangladesh was born in the first decade of my life. At three, my friends and I played at being Mukti Bahini against...

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Give Dhaka its due

Clearly, Delhi has decided to aggressively engage with Dhaka. The flurry of activity began in early May, with Vice President Hamid Ansari travelling to Dhaka to...

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