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Do interest rates matter in India?

In India, lower interest rates are surely no magic wand. Joseph Stiglitz and Larry Summers may not be on the same page on many matters these days. However, on the...

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Indian financial code: real risk of financial capture

The biggest risk that the draft financial code poses to Indian economic and financial stability is that it vests tremendous powers in the executive branch of the...

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The ‘Troika’ goal is not Grexit from EMU but Syrexit from Greece

Unless timely financial assistance is forthcoming, Greece will default on its payment and this might trigger a process of reactions and actions . In January, Greece...

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Stack Of Cash

The incredibly myopic fund

Prosperity has dulled the appetite for the heavy-lifting and pain-bearing required to restore sustainable economic growth in the world. It was an eventful week for...

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China currency devaluation – matter of when and not if

India is not ready to step in as China’s economic engine stutters and stops. In October 2014, the Takshashila Institution published a discussion document on the...

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What is the defining legacy of the Indian budget 2015-16?

Examining the budget for its revenue and expenditure projections and other announcements. Analysing and Indian budget is a tricky job. At its core, it is a statement...

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ECB launches (or joins) World War III

The European Central Bank has rung the bell on the last act for both paper currencies and for modern central banks. ON 22 January, Mario Draghi, the President of...

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Global economy: a zero-sum game

In the name of free trade in services and financial liberalisation, the US should not try to rob sovereigns of their policy space.  This article is being written...

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Modinomics and not Reaganomics

India needs contextual and not ideological policy-making. This piece is not a review of Professor Ha-Joon Chang’s book, 23 things they don’t tell you about capitalism....

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Investors continue to whistle in the dark

Investor attitude means that the next financial crisis could be worse than 2007-09 in some ways. Things are moving fast on the world political stage. Now, Islamic...

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