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The Syrian civil war after Paris

The U.S. and its Western allies have largely backed themselves into a corner on negotiations with Russia and Iran on Syria.   The coordinated terror attacks in...

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Riyalpolitik – Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan

There are compelling reasons for Pakistan to participate in Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen. Yemen is in the throes of yet another iteration of violence and instability....

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The gathering storm

The primary threat to India emanates not from ISIS, but from Pakistan in the form of jihadi groups aided and abetted by that country’s military-security establishment. The...

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Sharif Don’t Like It

Rocking the Civil-Military Casbah in Pakistan. As the world watches on, Islamabad continues to be besieged by protests that have brought the government to a standstill....

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Think inside the box on Pakistan

India should pursue the means to mitigate threats to its national security emanating from Pakistan, rather than grand rapprochement. India’s citizenry has rarely...

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The next Indian government and foreign policy priorities

A look at the key areas of priority for the incoming government. Once the dust settles in yet another iteration of the world’s largest democratic exercise,...

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s America problem

It would be unwise of Saudi Arabia to prolong its feud with the US. Saudi Arabia’s litany of complaints against the United States of America appears to be growing....

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A considered disentanglement

With respect to the subcontinent, India can benefit from greater regional cooperation, economic integration and connectivity. At this year’s Annual Conclave of...

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Winning the small (nuclear) battles

The signing of the  pre-early works agreement for a  nuclear plant between NPCIL and Westinghouse is a step forward. Some Indian political parties and sections...

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Securing India’s cyberspace

India should enhance its domestic capabilities in cyber-security, in terms of the development of institutional, legislative and technical mechanisms, and create...

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