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A pioneer liberal

Mahadev Govind Ranade, a noted historian, social reformer, judge of the High Court of Bombay, co-founder of the Indian National Congress and one of India’s original...

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The strategic implications of India’s cross-border raid

The government’s challenge will be to quickly consolidate psychological and military gains from this conflict and use intelligence and political methods to prevent...

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Independence of Indian delegations to the League

“…the most outstanding principle animating the activity of the League of Nations was the recognition of the principle of nationality and the equal sovereignty...

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Taxi marketplaces and competitive regulation

With the coming of players such as Uber and Ola into the local transportation markets, we are effectively seeing “competitive regulation” in the sector. App-based...

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Farmer suicides: A global phenomenon

Beyond the poverty and inequality debate, farmer suicides is a sensitive matter and needs to be analysed in much more detail. Farmer suicides were back in the limelight...

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The losing war against ungoverned spaces

We are now living in an era where ungoverned spaces, long the accomplice in jihadist activity, are playing a starring role. One of the biggest counterterrorism concerns...

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Tactical or strategic: all nuclear weapons are political by nature

Why Pakistan’s claims to “full spectrum” deterrence are meaningless in the subcontinental context. Two disparate triggers in March 2015 turned the...

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China currency devaluation – matter of when and not if

India is not ready to step in as China’s economic engine stutters and stops. In October 2014, the Takshashila Institution published a discussion document on the...

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Public procurement legislation: Essential for improving public financial management in India

The new government’s initiative to formally legislate Union government’s procurement process should be welcomed. Among the major continuing challenges in public...

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Riyalpolitik – Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan

There are compelling reasons for Pakistan to participate in Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen. Yemen is in the throes of yet another iteration of violence and instability....

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