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Allahabad AIML session and MAJ1

The quest for Pakistan: part two of an interview with Prof Venkat Dhulipala

“The critiques of Pakistan emphasise the point that there were significant divisions within the Indian Muslims on the idea of Pakistan. I have tried to capture...

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When Iran enters the global mainstream

An Iranian entry into the international mainstream is an opportunity of altogether different proportions. There is now a good chance that Iran will conclude a nuclear...

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From a domestic to an international narrative

India has the wherewithal to be less finicky about complying with international rules when they come in the way of national interests. It now looks like the impasse...

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Make for India, not just in India

The government’s policies have unwittingly tilted the balance in favour of innovating for the world rather than creating conditions that encourage innovations...

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Soft power, hard choices

Substantive policy changes and not speeches alone would determine the success of Narendra Modi’s desire to bolster investment and encourage tourism and manufacturing. Prime...

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Confronting a new world order

The new government should not be distracted from world order issues by the everyday fire-fighting and the occasional crises. So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming...

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pic 3...

Hijron ki khanqaah

The history, culture and architecture across India portrays tolerance, irrespective of gender and religion. The word eunuch is derived from the Greek word eune ...

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Running the space marathon

As India aims to go back to the moon and send people into space, we should become comfortable when ISRO spends more, delivers results and equips the nation for brave...

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Nelson Mandela

The universal deficit

Nelson Mandela’s greatness was in his absence of bitterness and the lack of interest in the trappings of office. Spending 10 days in Africa, out of which...

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A looming crisis in India

A political override over economic common sense is likely to push India’s tottering economy over the edge. It will then require another decade of repair and rehabilitation...

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