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Do interest rates matter in India?

In India, lower interest rates are surely no magic wand. Joseph Stiglitz and Larry Summers may not be on the same page on many matters these days. However, on the...

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Pakistan’s tenuous relationship with violent non-state actors in Afghanistan

Understanding this dynamic is critical to a path to peace in Afghanistan. Following the news confirming Mullah Omar’s death, analysts have evaluated that internal...

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A theory of censorship

A ban must be understood through a framework that takes into account the reason for the ban, the stakeholders involved and its impact on the stakeholders. Censorship...

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What is the defining legacy of the Indian budget 2015-16?

Examining the budget for its revenue and expenditure projections and other announcements. Analysing and Indian budget is a tricky job. At its core, it is a statement...

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The evolving dynamics of union–state fiscal relations

Focusing on the altered public financial management dynamics of state governments and analysing the opportunities and challenges. There have been many developments...

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An epitaph for central banking

The world needs to be prepared for the possibility that from 2015 onwards, global growth disappoints and asset markets become increasingly volatile as a prelude...

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Financing smart cities: key requirements

The “smart cities” project represents an opportunity to experiment with organisational and governance structures of the cities, with a view to enhancing performance-orientation...

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The Jan Dhan Yojna: the key considerations in obtaining desired outcomes.

Accountable and transparent organisational structure for implementing PMJDY should be essential for realising the desired societal outcomes. On the occasion of the...

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India’s sanitation story

The success of any government policy lies in its functional purpose, which is implementation. As India steps into the 68th year of independence many challenges...

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India’s budget 2014-15

India’s budget 2014-15: Initial steps towards professionalising tax administration. There has been widespread concern that the current organisations and systems...

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