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A tale of two continents

A scholarly work exploring the themes of cooperation between two important poles of the international political economy—the European Union and rising Asia. We...

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Allahabad AIML session and MAJ1

The quest for Pakistan: part two of an interview with Prof Venkat Dhulipala

“The critiques of Pakistan emphasise the point that there were significant divisions within the Indian Muslims on the idea of Pakistan. I have tried to capture...

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Raghu Karnad

Let his village remember

A review of Farthest Field by Raghu Karnad. Raghu Karnad’s Farthest Field (Harper Collins India) is a “forensic non-fiction” about three men who lived in...

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Independence of Indian delegations to the League

“…the most outstanding principle animating the activity of the League of Nations was the recognition of the principle of nationality and the equal sovereignty...

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ISIS: the State of Terror

A review of ISIS: the State of Terror by Jessica Stern and JM Berger. Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The...

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India’s grand strategy for the 21st century

Piecing together the elements of India’s geostrategy since its independence. A review of Beyond South Asia: India’s Strategic Evolution and the Reintegration...

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Zia mody

Judgements that changed India

A review of Zia Mody’s book 10 Judgements That Changed India. Zia Mody’s book 10 Judgements That Changed India sets out to describe the background, socio-cultural...

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the colonel who would not repent

Building Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s long journey to try and come to terms with its own history, and grasp a sense of a stable future is ultimately what Salil Tripathi’s The...

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Diplomatic Warfare?

Warrior Diplomat takes the reader from corridors of power in the White House and the Pentagon to mud brick qalats and bullet-scarred abandoned schoolhouses in...

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Foreign policy in transition

A review of Arijit Mazumdar’s Indian Foreign Policy in Transition: Relations with South Asia Indian foreign policy was given renewed vigour by newly appointed...

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