2 Replies to “Suicide Watch”

  1. kalamkhan2020

    Mr. Nitin Pai ,
    1) First tell the people of India how much you got to support government propaganda and talk against Aam Adami .
    2)Mr. Nitin Pai are you know one MP become karorpati in five year ?Ten year they have 10 karor or more think
    3)Did you seen poor people in village ? They are not getting food for eating .
    4)Are you know one SHO is telling that I have to pay …much money to my boss mean ….if you go for his boss …boss also have to pay other …mean are you know ?
    5) Are you know one SHO(police) become karorpati in five year or less from which machine he getting money .
    Many many more thing to write on this issue but you people are coming in coming in tv and telling support of government …ok support them but with true eye not ………….Please open you eye and come to village .

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