Month: April 2009

  • Reforms during the time of crisis

    The ‘honeymoon’ period of the first hundred days offers a new government the opportunity to implement important reforms that might otherwise face the greatest resistance. Of course, follow-through is important, but setting the momentum early is crucial. Most importantly, the honeymoon comes but once in a government’s life: so it is important to have a plan of action to make the most of it. Plan ahead, as they say, to avoid disappointment. This issue outlines a honeymoon agenda for the new government in three vital areas: economic reforms, national security and education.

  • Start by burying Lord Ismay

    On national security policy, Nitin Pai calls for the new government to implement the Kargil Review Committee's recommendations. In addition, he lists eight initiatives that the new government should implement during the first 100 days.

  • Vote!

    As we head in to the fifteenth general election, Barun Mitra writes, rather than calling for the ‘No Vote’, we will do much better if we spend a little effort at understanding the fundamental basis of the largest democracy in the world.

  • Institutions and votebanks

    In the context of politics and public policy, Aadisht and Ravikiran Rao discuss where change will come from. Will institutions like think-tanks provide political intermediation or will new votebanks effect it?