Month: March 2009

  • The case for freedom

    The road to prosperity lies through economic freedom—free trade, free markets, rule of law, low and non-distortionary taxes, enforcement of contracts, light but consistent regulations, sanctity of property rights. You may have heard this song before. We shall sing it till it is really heard. And then again.

  • Let us keep our Republic

    Rohit Pradhan & Harsh Gupta argue that instead of acting as a moral arbiter on the appropriateness of adult behaviour or an adjudicator of cultural disputes the state must use power to enforce the rule of law and protect citizens' rights.

  • Trading across the Bay of Bengal

    Asher & Palit discuss the India-ASEAN preferential trade agreement that could enhance the regional and global leverage of each side. They call for both sides proceed with this initiative with a positive and a constructive mindset, respecting the each others’ core interests.

  • Engage with sincerity

    Supriyo Chaudhuri argues that after the Awami League's ascent to power, New Delhi must not allow fear and insecurity to dictate its approach towards relations with Bangladesh.

  • Keeping promoters on the leash

    In the wake of the fraud at Satyam, R Vaidyanathan argues that company promoters should be compelled to declare the nature of the impact of their actions on other family related businesses and certify to the board that these are consistent with the law.