Month: June 2008

  • The New Jihadis

    It is abundantly clear that pattern of contemporary global 'jihad' has manifested itself in India. Paradoxically, while many of the New Jihadis are home-grown, the reason for their energetic mobilisation is global. India, therefore, in the minds of the New Jihadis, is but one front in the global jihad. There are two broad arenas where the war must be fought: on the ground and in the mind.

  • Getting human rights right

    Are human rights activists playing into the hands of terrorists? A three way discussion on the need for the human rights agenda to be alive to the threat of terrorism in order to stay true to its cause. Includes web-only content

  • Towards a cultural liberalism

    Our constitution writers were clear that democracy is meaningless without freedom of speech, and that people should live in a social environment that permits maximum personal and cultural freedom. Our politicians though, play petty politics with this right. Our governments, independent of their ideology, have indulged in communal and regional politics to satisfy vocal groups.

  • Look before you hop

    The Indian strategic community is hopelessly unstrategic. As long as Pakistan was the only threat it was easy, policy was on auto-pilot. When you multiple threats (China, Pakistan), when you have opportunities, when you have America as a potential partner, potential rival, when you have a domestic security problem much larger than Pakistan or China, then it requires more careful thinking. I don’t see that emerging.

  • Where is the financial superhighway?

    If a government which sabotaged its country's infrastructure development it would be mocked by the world and thrown out by its citizens. Yet, the government of India, which has repeatedly failed to allow its financial infrastructure to develop, has not inspired any outrage.

  • Improving economic literacy

    Public policy education initiatives will help reduce wilful neglect of basic economic reasoning by the policy-makers, who currently are not sufficiently held accountable for the resulting harm to the country.