The new Manhattan Project

Atanu Dey

India imports about 70 percent of its current oil needs. It can barely afford that, to say nothing of what it will be like when oil prices continue to hit higher peaks and its needs increase in pace with its growing economy. It lacks nuclear fuels, and has to debase itself begging to be given access to them.

India cannot continue to ignore reality: its continued economic growth and development is predicated on it developing the technology to exploit solar energy, and base its industrial, transportation, commercial, and household energy needs to be met through the derived electrical energy. Every bit of modern technology India uses has been developed elsewhere. It would be a welcome change if it developed the technology that would be its lifeblood. Developing technology is a matter of will, vision, and sometimes dire necessity. The Manhattan project and manned missions to the moon are examples of what can be achieved within a short time if the will exists.

India cannot afford not to develop solar energy technology for a number of reasons. More on Atanu Dey’s blog»