Issue 9 | December 2007

Issue 9 - Dec 2007

Issue Contents


Ironies on the road Raj Cherubal
The unlikely new heroes in the saga of the return of the right to property

The killing fields of Bengal
Arnab Ray
Behind the story and the intellectual outrage over Nandigram

The new Manhattan project Atanu Dey
Energy security calls for government investment in renewable energy


Securing Pakistan’s crown jewels; Still with Musharraf; Arming Pashtuns…again; SIMI’s networks; Wither India-Russia relations; China’s nuclear deal with Kazakhstan


A new section on the issues before parliament: prepared by PRS Legislative Research


Improving fiscal responsibility Mukul G Asher
Institutional reform is a must for medium-term fiscal management


A crisis profound Harsh V Pant
Indian universities need reform, not fatalism

Doctors across borders Rohit Pradhan
Some conclusions about emigrating doctors are hasty

The Akhond of Swat Manan Ahmed
A closer look at the separatist religious movement


Banally in love with India Chandrahas Choudhury
A review of Shashi Tharoor’s The Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cell Phone

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