Issue 8 | November 2007

Issue 8 - Nov 2007
Issue Contents


Life after the delay K Subrahmanyam
It is premature to write off the India-US nuclear deal as dead

Towards the endgame Sushant K Singh
Jammu & Kashmir needs an economic revival and revitalised civil institutions

The tragedy of climate change geopolitics Nitin Pai
Why we can’t expect meaningful international co-operation on tackling climate change

The rising Naxalite rage Shlok Vaidya
The looming threat to India’s economic future


Examining Indian policy on Burma; Energizer Bunny; Let’s trade; Terrorism arrives in the Maldives; On taking Tawang


Non-alignment 2.0 Zorawar Daulet Singh
Regrounding India’s foreign policy


The second step forward Gulzar Natarajan
Rethinking the design of poverty eradication programmes

What ails the Hindi heartland? Rohit Pradhan
And why prescribing more government will make it worse

The coming mutinies Raj Cherubal
India will evolve into a confederation of city-states


Engaging Africa Mukul G Asher
A review of Africa’s Silk Road: China and India’s New Economic Frontier

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